Computer engineering student at Bordeaux

Software developer

About me

Interested in math and programming, I am studying computer science at the University of Bordeaux, giving priority to software and website development.

I wish to do engineering studies to increase my software engineering knowledge and professional skills.


Front-End dev

I learned during my formations the programming, quality and ergonomics concepts and following the lasted trends in web design.

I use regularly the Photoshop software and Inkscape to realize logos, icons or other media.

I studied a wide panel of programming language as well as numerous work methods allowing me to adapt myself to various situations.

My skills

Software programming

C++ development with Eclipse using the SFML graphic library
C# development with Visual Studio
Java programming with IntelliJ
Use unitarian test framework JUnit as well as Maven tool of management and automation project

Mobile programming

Android development
Use Android studio environment


Use of GitLab and Bitbucket

Project management

Study of project management
Practice of the V cycle and agile methods as SCRUM and XP

Web programming

Programming PHP, HTML and CSS with WebStorm
Use of JQuery (Javascript)
Masters frameworks Symfony and bootstrap
Java Webapp development using Tomcat web container


Master SQL language
Use of Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite and MySQL database

Design and modelling

Use of the modelling language UML
Study of the software architecture Model View Controller ( 3 third structure)

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